Enmity's End: Peacemaking - Chapter Three

Enmity’s End: PeacemakingChapter ThreeYou have no idea how great it felt to fly through the air for the first time. We went over hills and forests, and eventually over an ocean, at a speed faster than any travel means I had used before. I might seem na├»ve to trust dragon who had just come after I had said something I didn’t understand, but something about her made me feel… safe. Somehow, I knew she was trustworthy. When we got to the other side of the ocean, I spotted another dragon. Mine was black with purple eyes, but this one was golden. Someone was riding him. It wasn’t a Moyo-Jiwe. I had never seen someone of his kind before. He looked at me and yelled “Are you an Enderknight!?” I had no idea what that was.
“I don’t think so.” I yelled back. Suddenly both dragons swooped into a dive. I was startled, so I held on very tightly. I really didn’t need to. Both dragons landed safely. “So, what’s your name?” The boy asked. I wasn’t sure what he was. He had red glowing markings and …

Enmity's End: Peacemaking - Chapter Two

Enmity’s End: PeacemakingChapter TwoThe next day came and went. Today was our rite of passage. It seemed like everyone from the village was there! My brother Takeo would go first, since he was the older twin. One of the village elders came out to begin the ceremony.“Takeo, you are at one of the many crossroads of your life. You now have a choice. Are you ready to reveal your cornerstone?” He said, in the way he did with all rites of passage.
“Yes, Elder Clecious. I am ready.” Takeo said in reply. The magical box with his Cornerstone was brought out. He took it, and opened it slowly. It levitated out of the box, and began glowing. It glowed yellow, then red, then green, then blue. It continually cycled through the colors, finally settling on… green! The Cornerstone of protection! Takeo took it out of the air and presented it to the crowd. They cheered. He had been right! Now it was my turn. Elder Clecious repeated what he had said to Takeo, but used my name instead. I replied the same w…

Enmity's End: Peacemaking - Chapter One

Enmity’s End: PeacemakingChapter OneMy name is Orva. I am a Moyo-Jiwe. My twin brother Takeo and I are nearly of age, and by this time next week, we will have our Cornerstones. I am excited, but also afraid. Never before have I had such a large responsibility. If a Moyo-Jiwe’s Cornerstone is destroyed, they will die. As long as we are children, our Cornerstones are watched carefully by the protectors, but when we come of age, it is then our responsibility. Cornerstones are extremely powerful objects, with four types. One is to attack, another heals, another protects, and another is used for transportation. They are all equally powerful, but most children here do not want to be a healer. All of the other three have different types: different types of transportation, different attack methods, and different ranges of protection, but only one type of healing Cornerstone. The village elders are quick to remind us, however, that if a healer were not present at some of the most significant b…

The Princess and the Owl: Mystery of the Big Brown House - Chapter Eleven

Chapter 11: TheBanquet“Wow” I breathed. My tiara had belonged to Queen Guinevere! “But, dad, what does the Night’s Ruby do?” I asked.“Well, since you’re not invisible, I’m guessing you don’t have it activated. If you did, you would be invisible to the human eye, but not to animals. And, since you can only understand birds, I’m thinking you don’t have the Wild’s Emerald activated either. If you had them both activated, no person would be able to see you, and you would be able to understand any animal you liked.” My dad replied. My eyes widened. I decided to see if I could figure out how to activate them. I got it, first try. You apparently had to press the Jewel like a button in order to activate it. I put it on after activating them both, and asked “Can you see me now?” “Yes.” Said Owl. “No.” said each of my parents. “Yes.” Said one of the fish in the nearby aquarium. So I could understand all animals and turn invisible! “Dad, what does the Sea’s pearl do?” I asked. “Well, when it’s a…

The Princess and the Owl: Mystery of the Big Brown House - Chapter Ten

Chapter 10: The Exciting NewsWhen the royal guard arrived, Owl and I went upstairs to meet them. I filled them in about what had been happening over the past few days. Strange, it felt so much longer than 3 days, but that’s all it was. Soon, we were escorted back to the castle, and this time, Owl tried to fill my parents in, but they couldn’t understand him, so I ended up acting as translator.Once he and I had finished, my mom silently said “Wow”, but my dad exclaimed “Well played, Abigail! Still remember those battle tactics I taught you, eh?” “You taught her battle tactics!? Arthur, she’s going to be a queen one day, not a general!” My mom said, horrified. “Relax, Molly, see how they helped her?” My dad asked, trying to calm her down. “Abigail, how could you even understand what that owl was saying?” my mom asked, suddenly mystified. “Oh, I thought you knew! My tiara makes me able to understand birds! I think, well, the small man said something about the ‘Crown Jewels’, ‘The Night’s…

The Princess and the Owl: Mystery of the Big Brown House - Chapter Nine

Chapter 9: TheAwakeningWhen I woke up, the small man was gone, and I was being pulled downstairs by Owl, who - yes! – had my tiara and the Sea’s Pearl in tow. When we reached the bottom of the stairs, I gaped at the destruction. The desk had been overturned with drawers pulled completely out, all the beautiful antiques had been smashed, the wall paper and carpet had been pulled out, and there was a massive hole in the floor! There was a shovel and a jackhammer on the floor as well! This made me realize what had been happening in The Big Brown House. The small man had been pretending to be a ghost to keep intruders out, and, all the while, been looking for the Sea’s Pearl! “who-oo-who” Owl said. “Um, Owl, I still can’t understand you. You know that, right?” He landed, ruffled his feathers, and held out his leg so I could take the tiara and Sea’s Pearl. I took them, put on my tiara, and said, “Now, what were you saying?” “I was saying ‘Glad you’re finally awake’” He replied. “What happe…

The Princess and the Owl: Mystery of the Big Brown House - Chapter Eight

Chapter 8: TheSmall Man“Is he doing anything else?” He nodded, then put his wings at a slant and tilted them forward and upwards over and over again.“I doubt he’s doing the Hula, Owl.” He facewinged. He started doing it again, but this time he dragged his foot on the counter a little each time. “Uh, Tango?” He rolled his huge eyes. Apparently not Tango. “Ooh, I know! Digging!” He nodded yes and started jumping on the counter like Finally! You guessed it! Then I remembered something. “Owl,” I began “What’s the Sea’s Pearl?” Owl mimed small again, then mimed delicate or special item, and finally Abigail’s tiara. “So you’re saying that it’s a small, special item that has something to do with my tiara?” He nodded. Then his pupils dilated. He pointed behind me. I turned around slowly. It was the small man! I screamed. I made a grab for my tiara, which he held loosely in his hand from his shock. I missed, and instead ended up grabbing a pearl which was about to fall out of his hand. By this…